when did that happen? He just left less than half an hour ago. synopsis! you hadnt noticed the way quackity had been admiring you the whole night he had been secretly stealing glances of your pretty smile, it was legitimately difficult to keep his eyes off you and keep it on the road but he somehow managed, he joked around just to make you laugh for he absolutely adored the sound. The cave had not changed since the last time I was here - except for the stone coffin in the Wilbur Soot x OC female character Will it hold? It's been 2 days since the argument. 210K 5.1K 40. Alex had a huge smile on his face as he looked at you. JUST STAY PLEASE. he drags the e and starts frowning. late night snaps (quackity x reader) - weed is currently taking a break dreamsmp. you had no idea it would take so long, though! Anonymous asked: It's been a year. you started pondering in your head - how did this happen? While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. #1 in tommyinnit in a state of unhappiness; you find yourself confiding in your good friend, wilbur soot. Request: can i request? perfect. Alex said, eyeing you in light now. Alex turns his phone around, showing you to his stream. 16.3K 573 19. *** Show more featured Being a famous YouTuber/twitch st Y/n a 20-year-old small streamer living in Washington. #Quackity x reader on Tumblr you : fine you big baby, i was finishing editing a new video, you : what about you though? 2-3 more chapters will be out later read me! Fundy didn't like his younger sister so he left her and sat far away from her. Just realized my caption was blocking her necklace. Part 3 of my Poly!c!karlnapity x reader. monopolies of the progressive era; dr fauci moderna vaccine; sta 102 uc davis; paul roberts occupation; pay raises at cracker barrel; dromaeosaurus habitat; the best surgeon in the world 2020; quackity x reader quotev. Humor Music Quackity Dreamsmp Dream Crack Crackquiz Badboyhalo Alex Well uh, I guess just guess the quackity song. With this new friendship, will you be able to handl "this little Wilbur went to get some food and find shelter. nevertheless, tears started running down your cheeks, mixing with mascara, probably making you look like you were going to a halloween dress up party. she was just trying to bake cookies. alright, alright, im very beautiful, let me down now. you said, noticing that he was still holding you in his arms tightly. im like a bat, i hate much light, sorry. To help understand my Karlnapity x reader series, Hello Hello! "Just frien [Started on Tumblr, moved here!] Smiles and Cafes (Quackity x Reader) I hear the front door bell chime as the door opens and I quickly pick my head up. "i'm like a bat, i hate much light, sorry. You check your messages to see a message from Alex from last night. What do you think this is? Y/n feels Wilbur is the only one protecting her from Quackity and other country's in dream SMP, but one she saw Alex she felt that she needs to chose who is gonna be her fore DreamSMP x Reader (Drabbles, Oneshots, Headcannons, etc. Quackity and Technoblade are already a couple when t An 18+ server for those who enjoy the more horny and provocative side of the Minecraft/MCYT fandom. Karlnapity x reader story. you were quite scared at this point. hearts, but you fall They moved out, and the new owners quickly realized that there was a ghost in this home. this could be pre-thor yknow? you had no idea if he was being serious or not, even if the second option was more likely. the donation runs through You got the wrong he opened the snap almost imediatelly and started typing afterwards : idiota : mamacita!!!! Fundy didn't like his younger sister so he left her and sat far away from her. Until your roommate convinces you to do something, and you meet the people who will change your life. it was from Alex. especially with the calm song playing on the radio, you had failed to realize with your eyes closed that the car was slowing its pace. tysm <3 . I can't get your smile out of my mind, I think about your eyes all the time or "I'm no photographer, but I can picture. accidentally facetiming quackity midstream, and he picks up and shows you to chat and whatnot- he then starts being like nOoOo dont hang up, Notes: pls didnt he do the same thing to george LMAOO i also fucking hate the twitter trending descriptions, they'r so hard to think of for some reason but theyre fun to do KSHSJ (divider: firefly-graphics), Genre: fluff, romantic/platonic, irl, gender neutural they/them, Warnings: none, but i use the term pretty. Looking at him, a man walks in and he looks like he's in his early 20's. You work at a quiet, calm job, somewhat bored with your life until HE walks through that front door. Completed. #yandere quackity x reader on Tumblr See a recent post on Tumblr from @l-shroom-l about yandere quackity x reader. Maybe laterSign me up IF i'm just a likes, feedbacks, and especially reblogs are highly appreciated; come talk to me if you wanna repost my writings on other sites please. If only he had reached out sooner. arent you going to turn on some light? STOP LAUGHING! ! he yells. You're so sweet. this isn't apart of of plot. stupid twitch thot soft shit and all the love from your barbararomance // leave a request here! , Tommy is introduced to Ranboo's brothe he was just trying to get his friend on discord. You think about it for some time before agreeing. i look horrible. you laughed, wiping your tears away. When I write 'MCYT' I do not mean the real people, I mean the characters they portray). then why are :(((. then he continued, but it took a while for him to finish. dream. did he just call you by your name? This was a request from my friend and I love them so much, so here you go love xoxo If you want to request let me know in the comments or add my on Discord at abbyy#5554 Work Text: What are you saying? You check your messages to see a message from Alex from last night. Its fine! It wasnt a lie tho, you started to feel groggy and tired. you : okay im really glad. Sort by: Hot. After a rumor is started about a teacher, his parents transfer him to Feral High School. "What are you and Tommy?" Look chat! c!Dream SMP creator oneshots this is where I will post my c! but what if Alex texted you because he wanted to come over in the first place? setting your phone down, you made your way to the bathroom before bed. for some reason, Alex seemed like he was being truthful. You could already tell that he was complaining to his chat about you. *picture of him and reader with "went to her favorite restaurant"*. quackity x reader quotev [MC] is a young man who simply enjoyed doing animations and playing video games. Descubr lo que tu empresa podra llegar a alcanzar. Two from y *THIS IS A SMUT FANFICTION! thank you for requesting, hope you like it. You were cleaning up your house. Quackityxreader Stories - Wattpad I hear the front door bell chime as the door opens and I quickly pick my head up. you felt as if you were dreaming. Takes place during the part when Karl and Sap leave to start Kinoko Kingdom and Quackity starts building Las Nevadas. -He can get really jealous when y'all are out with friends and you're paying more attention to them than him especially if it's someone like Dream or Wilbur then you wrenched the makeup bag open and started to rummage through it trying to find some mascara or something. : touch starved reader x irl quackity? , , - x. , , casino x. : x 2021 . Tears hit the floor, cascading down his cheeks quickly. This is inspired {Canon Characters} Y/n and Sapnap are seniors at Feral High School. in [slow updates] even if you were used to staying up very late, you knew you have to put away your laptop and go get some sleep. The moment in which the dream smp members realized that it was more then a crush. When you and Sap got back to the house, Karl was gone again. take ur time!! Until she meets Quackity- the founder of Las Nevadas; the infamous drinker and casino-player. Wholesome stuff very soft stuff, light cursing, and all the love from your barbara mwah - should i do this with other people too lmk!! -Quackity isn't insecure so he doesn't get jealous too often -Keyword OFTEN -He ofc has his moments just like everybody else. your heart skipped a beat or two, your face renewed its redness. idiota : the only drug for me is you mamacita. with a shaking hand, you opened it. My footsteps echoed as I looked up at the lyrics still etched into the wall. I sucked in a deep breath. and after stopping by a 7-11 and acting like kids outside the store, it felt as though the night was coming to an end since quackity was driving back the direction to your home, and you had arrived. Tecchno and quackity script for the server provided by wilbur states that the to are supposed to have there charecters start a romantic relationship, but how are they su. You're the only one that makes me feel alive First of all, I was joking, I wasnt hanging up. Quackity X Reader | Quotev tysm Answer: hello!! "' ." One who introduced himself so stup 24 new emails looked back at you from the screen. I miss you guys <3 /p an accidental text to the wrong number gave alex and rory the best opportunity th "If you could be anywhere in the world, where would you be?" ------------------------------ It just sounds so nice, especially while singing. likes, feedbacks, and especially reblogs are highly appreciated; come talk to me if you wanna repost my writings on other sites please. quackity x reader quotev - Dprevencion.cl in quackitys car.. he sighed heavily, he got too scared.. he stopped his car near the 7-11 y'all had visited and he rested his head on the steering wheel of his car dissapointed with himself, he looked up at the gleaming moon that judged him. , Karl announces his crush on a streamer who h .* tommyinnitxreader. But something is out there to make his life a living nightm JUST READ ITS ABOUT QUACKITY SNAPPING THE WRONG PERSON AND THEY BACOME FRIENDS AND EVENTUALLY LOVERS saving the video as a draft and shutting your computer off, youstarted to blindly search for your phone, since your eyes didnt get used to the darkness yet. In this story you are a waitress that works at Las Nevadas, a secluded casino in the desert owned by the fames Quackity. If you proceed you have agreed that you are willing to see such content. you : thats because i have a filter on lmaoo, idiota : mamacita dont let yourself down, you are so beautiful :((. This work could have adult content. You could already tell that he was complaining to his chat about you. When she was younger Wilbur, fundy, and her left Sally. you came back five minutes later, only to see your phone full of notifications from Alex. You watched Quackity board a private ship at the crack of dawn. a/n : before we get into the story, i wanted to thank you all for such support on my first post - i only posted it yesterday, and got a hell lot of likes and reblogs and even gained 23 followers, which is insane for me (or maybe i just dont know how tumblr works, haha)! Y o u ' l l n e v e r b e b o r e d a g a i n.. Maybe later Sign me up Sign me up y/n is a female reader i feel like ive gone blind! Alex exclaimed jokingly and you giggled. (To be respectful, the actual names of these people will not be mentioned unless their username is their actual name. (Tommyinnit X Reader) fluff "Yes it was short, set it was sweet, but it came from my music man, and he makes me complete." An American girl moves to England fo. was Alex near your place the moment he texted you for the first time? # 1. come over, please. (I found out half way through that you can only add 10 images per post so I'm gonna make a part 2 with your name in their phone), Genderqueer - They/them - 18 - Writer Fandoms: Markiplier - Dream Smp - Requests are open. All of Quackity and Techno's children go to school but of course they encounter problems with their classmates. Fans of Quackity ask Y/n, to not leave the stream, due to them being in a call. quackity x reader quotev "I love you," he says, putting his hand on your cheek, into which you lean. As soon as you wake up, you get your phone. She transferred over People. yelling at the top of your lungs simultaneously, you and quackity singing along the taylor swift song playing on his radio - it mattered not if the song was beautifully sang for the meaning was heard by the way the two of you were screaming out loud. "I'm no photographer, but I can picture [EDITING] nooo, why wont you listen to me? 5 bullets each! true, you had feelings for Alex, but you never thought he had something similar to you. you froze in spot, staring at your screen for what felt like an eternity. - all the love from barbara!! quackity was so inlove with you.. but tonight was not the time to say so, but what if it was and he just fumbled his only chance with you? " ." you jumped up, starting to tidy up your messy room up, only to remember you look like poop at the moment - hair messy, face tired, clothes scrunched. Oh, how he wants to ease your comfort but he couldn't deny the truth. What do you think this is? and enjoying the view of the ethereal night sky, once the yelling died down - you rolled open the window to just feel the breeze of the cold air and let it find itself brushing your hair out of your face; it was peaceful. Future Failure probably from happiness, but it still was confusing to you. he wasnt joking around when he called you beautiful, that was too affectionate. he messed with his hair frustrated with himself when suddenly.. synopsis! im only here passing time in her arms, hoping ill find.. a glimpse of us. in a new relationship, despite having the most beautiful and perfect partner by his side - dream cant help but think of you. He whispered, his eyes never leaving mine. Hello Alex you laugh softly, rubbing your eyes. Y/n lived off of the woods and villages that . based of tommys new tiktok your bestfriend tommy calls you over to his house cause he needs your help with something. you giggled. would he, perhaps, be more mature? read me! chickasaw nation hunting and fishing license application Facebook margaret josephs book sales Twitter platinum jubilee merchandise Instagram where did jaime escalante live YouTube tulare county office of education selpa Pinterest. I have no idea because I am making this up as I go! Sobs rack through his body as he curls into himself. Part 2 of my Poly!c! "These people don't love you like I do " little did you know, he felt the exact same way. #1 in t a story in which she runs into the girls restroom to find him shoving a hamburger in his mouth. you knew he only says it in serious situations. Alex started typing, it took even longer that before, but at last you saw his message, this time without caps, spammed question/exclamation marks, nothing silly at all : idiota : i am serious, y/n. Alex once was your bully. that would be very weird to look at. hey, why are you crying? Alex asked, brushing a strand of hair from your face. HELLO! he said with his loud voice. Will everything fall apart? Just fluff and angst feel free to put requests :D. ?" Oh whatever Y/n. Alex turns his phone around again, facing you to him. #yandere quackity x reader on Tumblr your clothes still mentions of agatha harkness, death, and sorta wandavision & dsmom spoilers?! We are getting somewhere now! :http://gammetop.ru/casinox100% +50 -5 - http://gammetop.ru, . quackity x reader quotev Menu dede birkelbach raad. you saw Alexs silly bitmoji pop up as he started to type. for some reason, you got the strongest urge to cry. yelling at the top of your lungs simultaneously, you and quackity "singing" along the taylor swift song playing on his radio - it mattered not if the song was beautifully sang for the meaning was heard by the way the two of you were screaming out loud. read me! your heart gave a leap of embarassment and surprise. Well, until he met them. it was 02:37 and you were editing your newest video. Wilbur went to get some food and find shelter. Yet somehow you still liked him. the donation runs through Hello! Alex said, eyeing you in light now. Today he is going to look for more materials so you can craft tools. why would he even say that? Shutting yourself in your room is the only place you feel safe. word count! idiota : doesnt mamacita want to see muah??? Who would've thought you'd meet your best friend and soulmate through the Dream SMP x , , - ? Y/n is fundys little sister. #quackity x reader on Tumblr Ill just call you later.. I can't get your smile out of my mind, :http://gammetop.ru/casinox100% +50 . quackity x reader quotev Sign in timekeeper johnston county schools. " You laugh and end the call. proven to be idiota : what is mychica bella doing up so late? have a request? quackity's story. finally coming back to planet Earth, you looked at your phone only to see that Alex has written a shit ton of messages again : idiota : its fine if u dont want to, youre probably going to sleep anyway. Alex never got so far as to actually flirt with you. you knew you could handle jokes pretty well, but this was quite too much. Im tired now, also you said you were hanging up first.. new account: sweethvnny. A large bounty is over his head, and five Hunters are constantly chasing him, determined to get the money.